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Dr. Bill Moore

Helping You Succeed in Competitive Performance Environments

I am a performance psychology consultant working with business professionals helping both individuals and teams perform at optimal levels more consistently and when it counts the most.


I help you become more positive, focused and fighting

About who you are and what you are doing. You already have most of what you need to be successful. The goal is to get out the very best you have inside you.
On the things that matter most for your success. For many, it is not talent or work ethic keeping them from maximizing their full potential. Rather it is their ability to focus. Success is a product of identifying and executing around correct priorities.
To overcome self-imposed obstacles. Most of the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs we experience are one’s we create. Fully expressing your potential lies in your commitment to fight the good fight to overcome these self-imposed obstacles.


I believe maximizing your full potential can be achieved with passion and persistence. Every individual possesses the strengths enabling him or her to overcome obstacles and move beyond common performance into the realm of uncommon, passionate performance. The following are the standards you can expect from me.

I acknowledge the trust placed in me, and work to protect and honor that trust in all we do together. You can expect sincerity, honesty, forthrightness and a commitment to my values and principles.
I approach our work together with purpose. While the process employed may be multifaceted, it is goal directed - your goals, for your life and work.
I expect to be held accountable for the investment made by you or your company. I establish accountability structures with you to help generate movement toward your hopes, goals and dreams.

What I do

Performance Coaching
Performance coaching is about helping you maximize your potential and the success of your business. This entails developing the skills and strategies for:
  1. Getting out of your own way: minimizing self-imposed obstacles keeping you from accessing your full potential.
  2. Getting into the game: creating a positive performance mindset on demand.
  3. Staying in the game: leading and managing yourself in a high-performance culture.
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I will honor confidentiality, availability and integrity
Corporate Speaking
I speak on topics related to human performance in the workplace. I customize my material to meet the specific needs of organizations in order to facilitate their desired outcomes.
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High-Performance Seminars
High-Performance seminars are designed to inspire participants and provide guidance in their continued growth. Participants discuss, learn and apply strategies for changing self-limiting beliefs, minimizing the mental and emotional interferences keeping them from performing at the upper range of their potential more consistently. Performance psychology principles are applied in creating a positive performance mindset. Download Workbooks
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I will honor confidentiality, availability and integrity


“Your Managing Imbalance seminar was exceptional. We work in a very hectic and fast moving business environment. This 2-day seminar focused on specific skills for improving each team member’s ability to achieve excellence while managing the imbalance in their personal lives. It was a great success. I still have team members coming to me and talking about the discussions and exercises we did during those two days.”
Markku Savusalo, Managing Director Nokia, Oulu Finland
Lifetime Financial Growth
“Dr. Moore has been a visible and valuable asset to our company. So much so, we appointed him to our Board of Directors. He is involved in weekly performance coaching sessions with many of our agents and conducts monthly seminars at various LFG locations. He has demonstrated an ability to maximize the potential of our agents, both personally and financially.”
Earl Luttner, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Lifetime Financial Growth, LLC
Catholic HealthCare West
“Thank you again for the inspirational message you shared. Your keynote was extremely timely for us and the Catholic Healthcare West team especially appreciated your enthusiasm and candor. Of all the presentations at our retreat, yours received the highest evaluation rating by our staff.”
Lori Aldrete, Vice president, corporate communications, CHW

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What do great performers believe that separates them from others? How do they keep their confidence high and self-image intact through multiple mistakes, rejections and failures? When you think of great athletes, business professionals, or musicians, what beliefs keep them fighting the good fight, day in and day out?

The following are four beliefs that provide the underpinnings of a positive performance mindset. They enable you to approach what you do with enthusiasm, persist through failures with confidence, and help you to evaluate your performances in ways that keeps your head in the game.What do great performers believe that separates them from others? How do they keep their confidence high and self-image intact through multiple mistakes, rejections and failures? When you think of great athletes, business professionals, or musicians, what beliefs keep them fighting the good fight, day in and day out?

Why is it that two individuals with identical sales capabilities, knowledge and talent reach two entirely different professional levels? What separates them? Why does one accomplish his goals and the other does not? Chances are it is not due to a better sales strategy, more product knowledge, or even more sales experience. Yet most sales training addresses either the strategic aspects of the selling process or the technical aspects of the products. How important is the mental and emotional aspect to your success? Success in any performance domain involves all three aspects - strategic, technical and mental/emotional. Yet, it is the mental/emotional aspect that is least understood and often has the greatest impact on achieving and sustaining your success.

It is very possible that for you to perform at the upper range of your potential more often, you will need to make some changes - to make different choices. Below are four choices you can make to become a high performer.

A high performers are typically understood as individuals who are achieving outcomes beyond or above most other people. What if we broadened the definition of a high performer to include are all those individuals who, consistently perform at the upper range of their current potential, regardless of their skill level or talent? This definition separates high performers from elite performers.

“The inner game takes place within the mind of the player and is played against such obstacles as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions.” - Timothy Gallway, The Inner Game of Tennis

When ever you strive for success you engage in two games simultaneously - the inner game and the outer game. Winning the outer game involves achieving external rewards - a promotion, salary increase or professional award.

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Books for Professionals

Playing Bigger: Strategies for Becoming a High-Performer

This book provides specific strategies for expanding self-belief and overcoming self-imposed obstacles keeping you from playing bigger. Playing bigger is understood as an inner game played against yourself and within your direct control. Strategies discussed in this book are designed to enhance; self-management (executing around goals and priorities), self-coaching (talking to yourself and visualizing effectively), self-belief (perception of capabilities and worthiness), and self-control (minimizing fear and self-doubt).

$25 (98 pages)
High-Performance Journal for Sales Professionals

As a sales professional in a high-pressure performance environment, you may experience many competing demands, negative outcomes, mental distractions and emotional challenges that test your ability to stay positive, focused and fighting, day in and day out. This journal will assist you in maximizing your personal potential, connecting to what is valued in your life and growing your business.

$25 (120 pages)
Fearless Prospecting: Getting out of your way and into the game

This book offers a positive approach to helping you prospect at the upper ranges of your potential more consistently. Prospecting is understood as initiating social contact in a sales person’s role. The approach is positive in that it believes you already have what you need to be a successful prospector. The material in this book will help you maximize your prospecting potential and achieve a new level of success.

$25 (92 pages)

Books for Musicians

Playing Your Best: High-Performance Journal for Musicians

For years, successful musicians have used this journal with positive effects on their personal development and performance outcomes. This is a tool for you to train yourself to be strength-focused and solution oriented. It not only allows you to monitor improvement of your psychological skills, but it also enables you to record solutions and to reflect upon the positive aspects of both your practices and performances.

$25 (150 pages)
Playing Your Best: Mental Skills Workbook

This workbook provides the opportunity to refine and development your psychological performance skills. Each chapter guides you in applying the information directly to your practices and performances. The exercises and activities in this book have been developed over many years of helping musicians perform their best when it counts.

$25 (98 pages)
Playing Your Best When It Counts: Mental Skills for Musicians

How do you train mental performance skills in practice? This book was created with this question in mind and is designed to provide a solid foundation for developing and executing the mental skills necessary for playing your best when it counts. You will find the material in each chapter to be very applicable to your performance reality. Each chapter leads you into thinking about and applying the information directly to your practices and performances.

$25 (160 pages)

Books for Golfers

Mental Skills for Tournament Golfers

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? If so, this book will help you play competitive golf with more confidence in your game and trust in your swing. Whether you are a professional golfer or simply someone passionate about your game, this book will help you become more mentally stronger.

$25 (180 pages)


I rate the Fearless Prospecting Seminar a 10 out of 10. I already liked to prospect and found it fun. Dr. Bill's seminar along with his high performance journal helped me get a greater perspective on my self-limiting factors. In the small group session I learned that I approached prospecting out of a fear of failure vs. an excitement for success. I realized just last week that I need to and can confidently prospect to families earning $400,000 or more. I used to prospect to survive, now I am prospecting to prosper. It has really helped me.

George E. Kavalauskas, Jr, CLU

​Hands-down, the best LFG development program we've have. Dr. Bill nails it every visit. I consistently get the best feedback from all FR’s in Columbus about his work. The journaling process has helped me become far more organized, focused, and happy. I would recommend this program to every General Agent in the country. Bill has helped me become stronger leader because of the time spent with him.

Paul Swift, Associate General Agent, Lifetime Financial Growth, LLC

Doc Bill's seminar was the best prospecting seminar I have attended. He uses very real and understandable coaching advice that you can apply immediately, as opposed to months of homework. His compassion and understanding of the life insurance industry is also shown in the class and adds extra value to the class.

Eric Fischesser, CFP

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