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Mental Skills for Tournament Golfers

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? If so, this book will help you play competitive golf with more confidence in your game and trust in your swing. Whether you are a professional golfer or simply someone passionate about your game, this book will help you become more mentally stronger.

$25 (180 pages)


Introduction /3
Dare Mighty Things!, How Will This Book Help You., Playing Your Best When It Counts, Using This Book Mental Skills For Golf Performance
1. Mental Performance Skills /16
Courage to believe, Trust in your swing, Acceptance of outcomes
2. Instilling Courage and Belief /18
Become a great self-coach, Commit to being prepared, Embrace your strengths
3. Trusting Your Swing /23
Trust as your performance goal, Let go of controlling correctness, Trust during performance
4. Accepting Performance Outcomes /25
Beware the quicksands of perfection, Prepare to win the inner battle, Practice acceptance
5. Attaining Your Performance Goals /30
Clarify your core performance values, Embrace your performance vision, Understand the costs of your vision, Anticipate possible barriers, Keep your dream alive
Trust Drills: Practicing To Perform
6. Training Trust / 37
Practicing for technique development, Practicing for performance,
7. Drill Format And Descriptions / 39
On-course Monitoring, Putting Drills, Chipping and Pitching Drills, Wedge Drills, Full-swing Drills
Practice Journal
8. Practice Journal Instructions /63
Weekly plan, Daily practice journal, Weekly key points and reminders, Practice Journals Weeks 1-4 Performance Journal
9. Mastery Performance Script /144
Develop key descriptor statements, Type a generic performance script, Revise script for each performance, Performance Journal Instructions
10. Performance Journals 1-6 /157