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Playing Your Best

High-Performance Journal for Musicians

For years, successful musicians have used this journal with positive effects on their personal development and performance outcomes. This is a tool for you to train yourself to be strength-focused and solution oriented. It not only allows you to monitor improvement of your psychological skills, but it also enables you to record solutions and to reflect upon the positive aspects of both your practices and performances.

$25 (150 pages)


Introduction /3
Dare Mighty Things, How Will This Journal Help You?,Your Path to Performance Excellence, Keeping Your Journal, Staying on Target Performance Psychology Primer
1. Five Steps to Attaining Your Goals /18
Step 1: Clarify your core performance values, Step 2: Identify your performance vision, Step 3: Embrace your performance vision, Step 4: Anticipate possible barriers to your vision, Step 5: Keep your dream alive,
2. Building Confidence in Yourself /23
Five Steps to Playing With Confidence, Step 1: Become a great self coach , Step 2: Commit to being prepared, Step 3: Develop a pre-performance plan, Step 4: Embrace your strengths, Step 5: Develop performance scripts
3. Your Mental Performance Skills /28
Courage, Trust, Acceptance Practice Journals
4. Practice Journal Instructions /35
Weekly plan, Daily practice journal, Weekly key points & solutions, Notes & reminders
5. Weekly Plans /39
Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 Performance Journals
6. Performance Journal Instructions / 115
Performance plan, Performance script, Performance notes, Post-performance evaluation
7. Performance Plans /122
Plans 1 - 6