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Playing Your Best

Mental Skills Workbook

This workbook provides the opportunity to refine and development your psychological performance skills. Each chapter guides you in applying the information directly to your practices and performances. The exercises and activities in this book have been developed over many years of helping musicians perform their best when it counts.

$25 (98 pages)


Introduction: Mental Skills Development
Developing Mental Skills Versus Physical Skills, Using This Workbook
1. Getting Unstuck /5
The Practice Mindset, Self-monitoring correctness, Analyzing cause and effect, Self-instructing, The Performance Mindset, Trust as your Performance Goal
2. Playing Your Best /15
Understanding Your Best Performances, Understanding Your Worst Performances, Playing Your Best, Steps For Creating Your Performance Script
3. Your Performer Vision /27
Clarifying Your Performer Vision, Embracing Your Performer Vision, Mental Barriers and Solutions
4. Sustaining Performance Excellence /33
Self-leadership and Self-management, Barriers to Sustaining Excellence, Strategies for Overcoming Goal Barriers
5. Mental Performance Skills /43
Courage as a Performance Skill, Courage before performance, Trust as a Performance Skill, Acceptance as a Performance Skill, Mental Performance Skills Development
6. Courage: Overcoming Fear And Self-doubt /53
How Butterflies Become Dragons, Preparing to be Courageous, Steps to Instilling Pre-performance Courage, Your Performance Preparation, Your Performance Game Plan
7. Trust: Getting Out Of Your Own Way /69
The Inner Battle, Trusting the Untrustworthy, Recognizing Break Downs in Trust, Training Trust / 74
8. Acceptance: Focusing And Refocusing Without Judgement /81
Acceptance as a Performance Skill, Acceptance Expands Attentional Capabilities, Acceptance Strategies
9. Getting Where You Want To Go /89
Positive Rituals, Weekly Planning Ritual, My Weekly Roles and Goals, My Weekly Schedule, Practice Planning Ritual, My Weekly Practice Plan, Keeping a Daily Practice Journal