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High-Performance Journal for Sales Professionals

As a sales professional in a high-pressure performance environment, you may experience many competing demands, negative outcomes, mental distractions and emotional challenges that test your ability to stay positive, focused and fighting, day in and day out. This journal will assist you in maximizing your personal potential, connecting to what is valued in your life and growing your business.

$25 (120 pages)


Dare Mighty Things, How Will This Journal Help You?,Going After Your Best
1. High-Performance Activities
Values Clarification, Strategic Elements of Your Personal Vision, Draft Your Personal Vision Statement, Evaluate Your Vision
2. Planning and Prioritizing Routines
Sunday Night Planning Routine, Daily Preparation Routine, Friday Zip-up Routine
3. Journal Instructions Vision Theme, Weekly Goals & Priorities, Week-at-a-Glance Calendar, Daily Plan, Pre-appointment Preparation, Today’s Evaluation, Friday Zip-up
4. Weekly Journals 1-12